Residents speak out about Airpark Estates
Aug. 31, 2007

By Zoe Rose

Airpark Estates is a fabulous fly-in neighborhood located in the masterfully planned community of Legado in Dayton. With beautifully designed homes, custom lots and private hangars with direct access to Dayton Valley Airpark's 75' x 5,400' paved runway, this exclusive neighborhood attracts pilots and their families from around the country.

Mike and Pat Horejsi were looking for a second home when Mike saw a newspaper ad for a custom home at Airpark Estates with a private hangar.

"My husband likes Nevada and the lure of owning a home with its own hangar right behind it was too much to resist--and it was such a good buy," said Pat.

"We had looked at a similar place in Placerville, CA, but the homeowners there had to drive down the street to get to the hangars, and Airpark Estates at Legado has its own air strip so we can taxi right to it from our back door, and Mike liked that," she said. "I liked the fact that the home is all on one level--that really appealed to me."

It will only take them an hour to fly from their Bay Area home to their Airpark Estates home.

"Mike is very excited about the new location," she said. "He says it still has a country feel to it."

Sandy Duncan and her husband, Spike, have lived in the area almost 10 years. Together, they built their four-passenger Velocity from a kit, a project which took them almost five years to complete.

"The first time it goes up, and for the first 25 hours, only the pilot can be in the plane," she said.

"He'd had more than 100 hours of experience in this particular kind of airplane so he was fine, but I was nervous. It helped that I was kept busy taking photos and trying to talk to him on the radio as he was reading off various settings and having me write them down."

One of the things she likes best about living in the Legado community is the camaraderie of the neighbors.

When you move in, you immediately have a common interest with most of your neighbors," said Pat, who is the current president of the Airpark Estates Home Owners Association.

"Many times, one of the neighbors will have a party and invite the whole neighborhood--it really is a closely knit community."

She also likes the freedom living in Airpark Estates gives the two of them.

"It is pretty amazing to have our hangar right at our house so we can just open the hangar door and go. You don't have to spend time driving to the (commercial) airport and going through all that," she said.

"Our plane goes relatively fast, and while it's slower, of course, than a commercial plane, a flight halfway across the country is door-to-door about the same amount of time you'd spend flying commercially and it's a lot more fun in your own airplane."

Self-described "escapees from the crowds and traffic in California," the couple enjoys their Dayton Valley lifestyle.

"The sky is so clear and you can see all those stars at night," she said.

"And it's funny, but it's like a little 'banana belt' here--Dayton will be sunny and all around it will be clouds. When the big snow happened a few years ago, Carson City got three or four feet of snow, we got three or four inches."

Along with the advantage and ease of having your own hangar next to your beautiful Airpark Estates home, residents also enjoy the Legado clubhouse with five star dining and the challenging Arnold Palmer designed championship golf course.

For more information on Airpark Estates contact:
Doug Thorngren
Telephone:  (775) 691-1265